Steve Gordon: Unstoppable Referral Marketing

We’re thrilled to have Steve Gordon back on Infusioncast today! Our last episode with Steve is one of the most popular episodes we’ve ever done. Today he shares valuable tips about referral marketing, how to create a referral kit, and how to make the referral ‘ask,’ as well as wisdom about how to write a book.

Referral marketing is one of the most valuable marketing tactics available. But the traditional model of asking for referrals can be uncomfortable both for the person being asked to give the referral and the person doing the asking.

Steve solves this with his unique approach to referral marketing – the referral kit. A referral kit is packaged information for your current customer to pass along to their friends who are hot prospects for your business. It could take the form of a physical book or eBook, an audio CD, or a webinar. It’s designed to educate the prospect about what their problem is and what the consequences of that problem are, answer the questions that they have about it, establish your credibility, and give them a way to take a next step in meeting with you. Your current customers will be much more likely to give you referrals when you package it up as great information that they can pass on to help their friends.

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How to create “Gate Keepers” with Infusionsoft

Today I dive into how to set up “gate keepers” in Infusionsoft. It took me a few hours to figure it out, but now that I know how to set it up I never have to do the research again…

Why are Gate Keepers Important?

Gate keepers keep contacts in specific sequences which allows you to speak to them directly. For instance, in my LifterLMS demo I have a gate keeper segmenting prospects from customers. The way that the gate keeper does this is by looking at the contact record for reach individual who opts into the demo. If the prospect has a “purchase” tag they are put on a different sequence than if they do not have a “purchase” tag.

It was pretty difficult to figure out how to set this up. To be completely honest the logic doesn’t make much sense to me.

However, I keep the ax to the grindstone and figured it out (It took about an hour with Infusionsoft support) and I wanted to share with you the logic so that you can set it up for yourself.

Here is a photo of the actual data in the decision diamond.

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Bob Britton: It’s All About Results

You can do amazing things with Infusionsoft, but it is not a fix-all solution. To be effective, you have to know the exact results you need to achieve. Today on Infusioncast, Joshua Millage talks with Bob Britton about how to get the most out of Infusionsoft and your business, and offers some unique tips and insights you need to know.

About 5 years ago, Bob saw that many people needed help in implementing Infusionsoft for their businesses. He teamed up with Micah Mitchell to create a high-end mastermind consulting group called Marketing Automation Group to help bridge the gap between learning Infusionsoft and executing implementation by sharing their knowledge, experience, and success with each other.

People tend to want to use as many of Infusionsoft’s capabilities as possible, but avoiding unnecessary complication by using a choice few of the right options will produce better results. First, you have to know your business, your goals, and your customers to choose the right elements.

Some users also expect Infusionsoft to “fix” their business, but that is not its purpose. The problems most businesses have include a lack of leads, lack of communication, failure to know their target market,

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Taylor Welch: Copywriting, Surveys, and Follow-up Marketing

When Taylor Welch’s wife needed a boost for her salon business, he learned about writing copy and implementing Infusionsoft to build a marketing campaign with her. That effort created a phenomenal 330% profit increase for her salon, and a new career as a marketing funnel copywriter and consultant for him. In today’s Infusioncast Joshua Millage talks with Taylor about how persuasive copywriting coupled with Infusionsoft’s automated delivery options can boost your business.

The first point Taylor makes is that his goal is not just getting customers to come to your business, but to keep them coming back. To do this, he focuses his campaigns on follow-up. For his wife’s salon, they used direct mail to attract new customers and entered their information directly into Infusionsoft on their first contact. Infusionsoft automatically sent scheduled follow-up emails including a thank you letter, appointment reminders, requests for testimonials, and incentives. If the client didn’t reschedule in 6 weeks, another email would prompt them to come back. Within 2 months the salon’s profit increase was triple what they paid for the Infusionsoft tool.

Writing effective copy was key to positioning the salon and gaining customer interest. Great marketing copy for your landing page,

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Lamar Tyler: Marriage, Business, and Infusionsoft

Today on Infusioncast, Joshua Millage talks with Lamar Tyler, cofounder of the marriage and parenting blog, Black and Married with Kids (BMWK). Lamar and his wife, Ronnie, were also finalists in the 2015 Infusionsoft Small Business ICON. Here he talks about the challenges and rewards of building a business with your life partner and offers tips for success with any business partnership.

When Lamar and Ronnie started their business, they were using multiple non-integrated applications, or as Lamar says, “Too many platforms and not enough systems.” One day he received an impressive email and followed a link in the footer to the Infusionsoft website. After viewing the demo and talking with customer support, he realized that Infusionsoft could tie together all the loose ends they were operating with.

BMWK had an established social media following, but they needed to monetize their website more effectively. With Infusionsoft the business built a shopping cart that increased sales by upselling products based on buyers’ choices. Infusionsoft also delivered scheduled post-purchase promptings to ask customers if they had received their purchases and were satisfied with them. Another follow-up email asked for feedback, and this generated testimonials for promotional campaigns and presentations.

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