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Sometimes you need an extension to integrate Infusionsoft with another software. And one of our favorites is InfusedWoo, a WordPress plugin that connects WooCommerce and Infusionsoft. Today on Infusioncast Joshua Millage talks with Mark Joseph, founder of Infused Addons and creator of InfusedWoo, about integrating Infusionsoft with other software tools to get the most from the system.

Mark is a programmer, and he discovered Infusionsoft about four years ago when he was working with a client who used it and needed some additional functionality that was not included in the software. He immediately appreciated the features it had that online businesses need, and he started to fall in love with Infusionsoft right away.

As he continued to work with Infusionsoft and clients who needed custom addons for it, he started Infused Addons and created the first version of the InfusedWoo plugin to connect WooCommerce to Infusionsoft. And over time he’s added more and more modules to InfusedWoo.

Mark has also created other addons for Infusionsoft as well. One is an app to integrate JotForm with Infusionsoft. JotForm is a free, easy to use way to create flexible forms. Another plugin Mark created is Rocket One-Click, which is a great way to upsell customers during the checkout process with just one click. He is also developing a new customer portal plugin that will be a self-service system for customers to manage their accounts.

To identify where there are opportunities for addons to be created, Mark listens to his customers and tries to understand their business from a non-technical standpoint to pinpoint what solutions he could create to meet their needs.

Thank you for joining us.

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Joshua: Probably my favorite Infusionsoft extension is InfusedWoo. InfusedWoo is a WordPress plugin that connects WooCommerce and Infusionsoft, and does it in a really just simplistic and I would say magical way. Today I had the opportunity of interviewing Mark Joseph who is the founder of Infused Addons, the company that makes InfusedWoo, and we had a great discussion about the plugin, how it came to be, and how Mark found the Infusionsoft community. I would really encourage you to go check out InfusedWoo over at Also check out Mark’s other services that he has.

He has another plugin that is coming out called Infused Portal, which may or may not be called that, but I think it’s another tool that I would at least encourage you to sign up on the pre-launch list, because I think it’s really going to benefit a lot of people, and I’ll let you listen to the interview to figure out what that is. All right. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Announcer: How the heck do you use Infusionsoft? How do you make it work for you? Welcome to Infusioncast, the only podcast that shows you the tricks of the trade and teaches you how to be an Infusionsoft expert. Join your host, Joshua Millage, as he sits down with Infusionsoft pros to hear their stories and experiences making Infusionsoft work for them. Ready? Here is Joshua.

Joshua: Hey, Everyone, welcome back to another Infusioncast episode. I have with me today Mark Joseph of Infused Addons. Mark, thank you so much for jumping on the show, and my first question, as I ask everyone this, because I’m really, really, really just a curious person is, how in the world did you find Infusionsoft?

Mark: I started around four years ago. I actually work as a programmer. That was my … That is actually my background, more into programming. I’ve been into different programming languages, PHP, Ruby. I’ve been working with many clients, especially in online business industry, and at first, I’ve been working with databases, creating solutions from scratch, even emailing marketing solutions. I’ve been creating these from scratch until I found a client using Infusionsoft, and that actually give interest to me on that Infusionsoft, because what I’ve been creating from scratch is already available to this certain client, so that was the time that I found Infusionsoft. I started to fall in love Infusionsoft. It has all the features, online businesses would be needed, so yes.

Joshua: That’s really cool. So you were actually building little pieces of the puzzle, and then when you found Infusionsoft, you’re like, “Oh, my gosh, this connects all of them.”

Mark: Yes. With that client, he just need a little part that is not available in Infusionsoft, that was the reason why I was working with him, and I get curious why he just need this little part. He actually just need some plugin in his membership system, and then I discovered Infusionsoft. That was the time that, wow, this is something that other clients would want to add to their system. It’s really, really slick. It’s something that’s already available. They don’t need a programmer to create this database.

Joshua: That’s great. Through working with this client is that where the beginnings of your company Infused Addons started?

Mark: Yes. It’s a small start. I wasn’t yet sure, because it’s … Infusionsoft, later few weeks after that, I just found Infusionsoft is a very big community. I just thought during that time that Infusionsoft is a software that was just started. I just thought that it was a software where around I think, it should be around just a year ago it started. That was what I thought, and I see it’s a big community. It was a small start for me to get into the Infusionsoft community. I still work on other systems like I used to like creating some software for other clients.

At the same time, I started when Infusionsoft slowly starting with Infusionsoft, understanding their system until I get used to it, and I started creating more software, working with e-commerce part, up until the later years where I’ve been working with more bigger software that was in after a year and a half that I started actually working with this plugin InfusedWoo which connects WooCommerce to Infusionsoft. Yes, that’s how it started.

Joshua: Yeah, that’s great, and I absolutely love InfusedWoo. I use it personally on our site over at LifterLMS where we sell a WordPress learning management system plugin, and it’s completely powered by Infusionsoft and WooCommerce using InfusedWoo as the connection point. And it’s beautiful and it’s funny, Mark, I built like I really … It was cool. It was like a tag-based cart abandonment sequence, and then I was playing around in your plugin. I actually noticed that you show people how to build it in the plugin using the API calls and everything. It works so much better, and my team absolutely loves it, too.

Mark: I see. The reason why Infusionsoft is it’s like that, it’s designed with those kind of tools, because Infusion, I mean InfusedWoo, because InfusedWoo started as a little project with my client. It’s just a little integration with their WooCommerce site and Infusionsoft, and later I decided what if create this as a plugin available to the Infusionsoft community so then I decided to create that plugin. As I worked with that client of mine, which I think I’ve been working now with around five to ten clients working closely with them, I see some more needs, that’s why when they needed this part, that cart abandonment part, that gives me idea to create another update for InfusedWoo, add this to the InfusedWoo users. It’s something like that. I’m learning. I’m still in the process learning continuously what would be needed for the client so that they can serve their customers better.

Joshua: Yeah. I think you hit it right on the nose with the cart abandonment, because cart abandonment sequences are so powerful to capture lost revenue, but they’re not always intuitive to set up, and the way that you outline it in the plugin was so easy and in using API calls just in terms of the development. I have done, I think is a much more stable process than doing a tag-based process. It was a phenomenal. It’s actually funny, Mark, as we’re doing this interview, I forgot to shut off my chat client Slack, and my business partner Chris just chatted me, he said, “Tell Mark I love his plugins. Everyone on the team enjoys using InfusedWoo.” The whole codeBOX team is big fans of what you’re doing, so much so they’re interrupting my interview. That’s really cool.

Mark: I see. Yes. Yes. Go ahead.

Joshua: No, go ahead. There’s just a little bit of lag, but go ahead.

Mark: Yes. I just want to say that I was hoping that the cart abandonment is something that I can add in there, because there’s a campaign section in Infusionsoft where you can actually download the campaign, because right now in the cart abandonment I just put it on the plugin, but I was thinking that if it’s possible, later I can put it in the campaign section, which is I think not yet available in Infusionsoft marketplace.

Joshua: Yeah, where individuals can go and just download it. I’ve heard that that’s around the corner, which is really, really cool. Tell me some more. You have a few other pieces of software that I haven’t used. I checked out the website right before, and you have one, it look like it was for a different … Is it a note tool JotForm actually?

Mark: Yes.

Joshua: Tell me a little bit about that.

Mark: It’s actually a free software. It’s an integration software. It connects JotForm to Infusionsoft. If you’re up familiar to or familiar with JotForm, it’s a form building software available in It’s free. You can start using JotForm. The great thing why I integrated this two system is because JotForm is very easy to use. It’s easy to build forms in JotForm. They have all their templates. Although you can create forms in Infusionsoft, but this in JotForm is, it’s more flexible. It’s their specialty to create those forms. Many of clients before was working Jot … Was using with JotForm and that’s the reason why I build the software, because I’ve been working with many clients.

Every time that I work with them, I recreate that integration from JotForm to Infusionsoft, until I decided to create an addon to the JotForm. That was a time that JotForm had a competition. That’s why I decided to create, and that time when I created the JotForm-Infusionsoft integration, luckily or I was glad that they choose me. They choose the JotForm integration as the best integration app after that we have launch that integration. Up until today, this solution is free for everyone to use. The great thing why we make this free, it’s to help the Infusionsoft community, and at the same time we’re getting lot of clients from that actually.

Joshua: Yeah, that’s good, so it’s actually becoming a lead gen tool.

Mark: Yes.

Joshua: Software makes amazing lead generation. That’s for sure.

Mark: Yeah.

Joshua: That’s cool. Is there anything too that you can … And No is a perfectly acceptable answer, but I see Infused Portal, and I’m curious what that is.

Mark: Yes. Before that, I forgot to mention that there’s one plugin that’s already available which we just released a month ago. It’s called the Rocket One-Click. You can’t see it in the main website, because we’re actually rebuilding the website. We’re on the process of rebuilding the website, which maybe will be finished maybe after a month or two months, but it’s an upsell tool, a one click upsell tool for WordPress. It’s a plugin you can use. That’s one of our solutions. We created that to be … You can easily embed upsell buttons in a WordPress.

Joshua: That’s great. Like in a checkout process? Is that when you use that?

Mark: Yes. You can actually use it along with InfusedWoo. If you use InfusedWoo and after your customers goes to checkout, they go to thank you page. You can put the upsell button there so they can just click the button and automatically the order would be added to their orders I mean.

Joshua: Yeah, to the checkout orders. That’s beautiful. It looks like a really beautiful application, and you can find it just

Mark: Yes. In

Joshua: That’s fantastic. That’s cool. Well, that’s a really useful tool, because I can tell like a lot of people are looking for easy one click upsell solutions. This one looks like it’s really simple. If it works anything like InfusedWoo, it is very simple because InfusedWoo is amazing. We’re really happy to promote what you do, Mark, because it’s really well done, but yes, in terms of the Infused Portal, is that like a secret project? Or can we talk about that at all?

Mark: Yes. I think I can … I’m not sure if it will still be Infused Portal, that the name maybe we will change that, but I can say that right now, that we’re working on a another project. It’s more of a portal for your customers. It’s more for your loyal customers. We wanted to provide a system for Infusionsoft users where they can maybe install this through their website, perhaps in a WordPress website or somewhere any website. We’re also planning creating a cloud, but we’re not yet finish on the planning, but what we are planning to create is, is something where customers can log in.

They can do everything. It’s like a self-service system. They can change their credit card. They can manage their subscription. They can even do some purchasing inside that system. They can do some downloads. It’s different to a membership system. It’s more of a system where you want your customers to do … To manage everything. It’s a self-service system. It’s something like they can even see promos. There would be many modules in that system we’re thinking of.

Joshua: If I’m like a gym owner maybe, and I want my clients to be able to go on and manage their own account like that, could they could use Infused Portal to log on and then update credit card information and that sort of thing?

Mark: Yes.

Joshua: That’s cool. That’s a really useful tool. There are so many businesses I’m sure that could implement something like that. That’s really, really exciting to me. Mark, you’ve seem to done … Have done a good job of really finding these needs in a community. What’s your process for really listening and looking for an opportunity to build something like an InfusedWoo? Because I know a lot of our listeners are developers themselves, and I hear a lot of times like I just don’t know how to find a problem to fix, but it seems you’ve done a really good job of being very specific and then executing well. Do you have any suggestions for people who are looking to create software?

Mark: Yes. I think when I worked with clients, I don’t use only speak with programming, a jargon, something like that, where we talk about database. We talk about something about related to the programming, a bandwidth, something like that. What my goal is, I want to understand their business. I want to be in their point of view where how would they serve their customers, what are their … What do they need to the customers? I write everything, not in the … I don’t think about programming yet, I think about their needs and after that, I convert it to in a programming jargon where maybe I can create an addon.

I present solutions to them. Maybe we can create this kind of integration and that’s a time they can approve my project, and they would say, “Okay, let’s go ahead.” That’s how I created a software like InfusedWoo before where it connects with WooCommerce. It’s more of understanding their needs, and then I did present what’s the available solutions.

Joshua: That’s fantastic. I love that, because you’re not guessing what an actual customer wants. You find out through your services, and you build it for them, and then you use that as an opportunity to capture more of the market. It’s a brilliant strategy. I think that’s really, really beautiful. Well, Mark this has been a really fun episode. I always end our podcast interviews with a question, because I’m curious to see how people get themselves motivated to get into their work. Is there anything that you do, maybe a ritual or a quote or anything like that, that really inspires you to do great work?

Mark: I think I just have to … There’s a favorite … Because I’m fond of the way Japanese works, because they work very patiently, and there’s just one principle I got from them that’s really useful for the way I’ve been working since for many years, it’s called the … They call it the Kaizen principle. They call it Kaizen. It means small improvements. Just continue with a small improvements, and later it will accumulate into bigger improvements. That just something I do every day. I just have to think about the smaller improvements I can do, create, little, little solutions as long as I improved, and I work with clients understand little by little. Like InfusedWoo, it’s something from very small. If you was in the beta of InfusedWoo, it was a very little, and I started to add more and more modules to it. I think that’s what I can share a principle.

Joshua: No, that’s really good. I think that like owning a web development shop myself, I mean we always … It’s easy to get caught up in building the next big thing, and then once that thing’s built, building the next big thing on top of it and losing focus of the smaller improvements that over time, like you said, it can have an exponential increase in quality or efficiency or anything else. It just reminds me of that old saying, little hinges swing big doors. I like that. I’ve never thought of it as in applied to web development or development in general, but I think it definitely applies that it’s easy to get caught up and discouraged when we can attack the big boulder, but if we can break it down into little chunks and just continue to move along, we can make a lot of progress. That’s huge.

Mark: Right.

Joshua: Well, Mark thank you so much for coming on the show, and if someone wants to get in contact with you about any of your software, InfusedWoo, JotForms or your upcoming Infused Portal or even wants to use you for some of the services that you offer, what’s the best way for them to get in contact with you?

Mark: Okay, they can … Right now, we’re still rebuilding the website, but it should be ready real soon. This on website Right now, they can just see the products we have and we’re working on, but later they will see even our services. Right now our service is just available on that little button, but they can contact me there. If they need certain solutions, we have products already that’s working like InfusedWoo, Rocket One-Click, but if they need some custom solutions where we would be really willing to hear, that’s what we do. We’re happy to create different solutions. Many of our clients use Infusionsoft, but a many parts of Infusionsoft is not yet readily available, and we’re here to work with them.

Joshua: That’s fantastic. Awesome. Well, yeah, head over to and definitely check out InfusedWoo if you’re on Infusionsoft and WooCommerce. I have yet to find anything that even comes close to the quality of … That it brings into that integration between those two systems. I really enjoy it. I used Mark’s cart abandonment campaign that he’s outlined in the plugin. It worked flawlessly like every single time. I’m a big fan, and I’m a customer, and so I can recommend what he does over with his team over at Infused Addons. Mark, thanks for coming on the show.

Mark: Thank you. It’s my pleasure, and it’s really a great opportunity to speak with you and to share these ideas to the Infusionsoft community.

Joshua: Yeah. Right on. Well, we are an active bunch, and I know that the community is going to enjoy this interview. Thank you for coming on.

Mark: Thank you.

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