Getting Personal … And FINALLY Doing What You’ve told Me to Do

So, on most weeks I send out an helpful tip from Infusionsoft experts.

Well… today is a bit different.

I want to pull back the curtain a little bit and share something more personal.

Here it goes.

I was recently out with a friend surfing. For some reason surfing brings about interesting topics of conversation. I think it must be the cold water in the early morning.

My buddy looked over at me as we were sitting on the boards waiting for the next set to roll in and asked,

“Do you like your birthday?”

I smiled at the question.

See my buddy didn’t know (yet) about the strong feelings I have about my birthday!

This got me thinking about how I should share some of this with you.

You will see why as you read further.

Many of my closest friends know that I am an extreme goal setter and my birthday is my own personal new year. I always celebrate my birthday… even if I don’t like how fast life is going and how quickly I am getting older.

I think of it as a time of letting go, changing and expansion.

I think about my past year and what I want to change, do and accomplish in my new year… personally and professionally.

My friends laugh with and at me, they celebrate with me and they may not always admire it… but I think I get them to think about their “New Year” also.

Here are just a few examples of past years for me. I’ve made a goal for…

  1. Place to travel (as I write this I am gearing up for 3 months in New Zealand).
  2. Running a marathon (I can check this off for this year)
  3. Trying a new sport (check – I am a bonfire surfer now)
  4. Trying Bikram Yoga (I sweat a lot – TMI I know – so I am avoiding this one)
  5. Cutting back on coffee (UBER-FAIL)
  6. Publishing a book I’ve been writing on entrepreneurship
  7. Learning how to code in Ruby
  8. Create a product for Infusionsoft users
  9. Changing the environment for business education
  10. Keeping the inside of my car cleaner

Be in unconditional love.

… and the list goes on.

Some big goals and some small, but all with the intention of creating something new. Changing it up so to speak.

Anyway, even though this year wasn’t a “big number” year, if felt hugely different.

I’ve found myself having BIG paradigm shifts in my life and the way I look at my business. And I don’t think it’s a quarter-life crisis (I had that a few years ago when my grandmother died).

Maybe it’s having my 22-year-old little brother living with me talking about his career, girls he’s into and his plans for the future… or maybe it’s because I am at the end of my 20’s and entering into my 30’s or maybe it’s because I am going on an awesome trip… who knows!

You may be asking, “Joshua, its over 6 months into your ‘New Year’, why are you telling us this now?”

What I didn’t tell you is that I made this year about YOU!!

I’m serious.

As many of you have noticed, I am revamping the way I do business and am focusing on what YOU have told me over the years that you would like to see me offer or address.

Hence, the new bonuses in each episode, the upcoming “campaign of the month” walkthrough …

There’s still more to come! I am always interested to know what you wish for me to provide, so keep the ideas coming!

But…..(the infamous “But”)..

There is one REALLY BIG request you have made that I’ve been holding back on– for YEARS, despite many of your pleadings and outcries.

I’m contemplating changing my mind and giving you what you’ve been asking for since, like, the beginning of time.

But I’m nervous because it means sharing with you more of myself and my business than I have in the past.

And I’m also going to need your help.

Anyway, that REALLY BIG request is . . . . (stay tuned until next time)

–Joshua Millage, Host of Infusioncast

P.S. I’ll be back with more details in a couple of days. But until then, tell me in the comments where you’re headed this fall.

Any goals for your personal “New Year”?

Does anyone else do this nonsense?