Dobbin Buck: Prospecting for Golden Clients with GetUWired

Appalachia is the home of GetUWired, a full-service provider for lifecycle internet marketing and web development. In today’s Infusioncast, Joshua Millage talks with Dobbin Buck, vice president of business development at GetUWired, about personalizing marketing content, tailoring Infusionsoft to your business, and prospecting for gold.

GetUWired was founded by Lee Goff after a bad experience with an unscrupulous IT developer. He set out to help small businesses succeed by delivering quality web development services based on ethical business practices. In 12 years GetUWired has grown from 3 people to 41 professional employees.

Dobbin Buck came on board after he and his wife left big-city Atlanta for Georgia’s rural Dahlonega. She found work immediately while Dobbin found himself prospecting for gold with an old miner. It was fun work, but it didn’t pay, and he needed to start earning money again. He was referred to Lee Goff, who hired him for his sales and marketing experience.

Prospecting for gold gave Dobbin a unique perspective on business. He learned to evaluate the metrics of profit and income vs. time and effort in that his gold prospecting stint was rewarding, but did not generate income. Then an Infusionsoft professional showed Dobbin that a marketing funnel can function like the slews that filter gold from sediment, as automated personalized marketing captures the most valuable clients while letting the rest pass by.

GetUWired customizes Infusionsoft to the needs of each individual business. Dobbin says clients who have trouble with Infusionsoft don’t really understand its capabilities, often using it singularly for email campaigns or newsletters. Others try to use too many options, creating over-complication and inefficiency. The key is choosing the right 10% of Infusionsoft’s potential based on a business’s core values and goals.

Dobbin starts at the database level to structure information into data that helps businesses understand their clients and filter prospects. He guides small businesses in defining their vital aspects and functions and visualizing a bigger picture of what their businesses can become.

The technology of content automation and delivery is secondary to the content itself. Your marketing funnel, campaigns, and website will not succeed if your presentation is impersonal. Rich content that serves up relevance, value, and authenticity will keep clients coming back for more – and they’ll purchase your products and services.

Having trust in the people he works with is fundamental for Dobbin. His personal approach to daily success includes frequent meetings and open communication with his team members and leadership. He keeps himself relaxed and centered to stay focused on the discussion at hand.

Thank you for joining us.

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Joshua: Hello, Everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Infusioncast. Today, I had the opportunity of interviewing Dobbin Buck of GetUWired. GetUWired is an incredible agency that can help you with everything Infusionsoft related. They’re one of the largest re-sellers ever in the world. Dobbin leads the sales in marketing team over there at GetUWired. He’s an incredible individual. Someone who I connected with immediately. We have a lot of the same interest and there’s a lot of value in this episode. Not just around Infusionsoft but about sales and marketing and how to run your business better. Without further ado, let’s get into this episode with Dobbin Buck.
Announcer: How the heck do you use Infusionsoft? How do you make it work for you? Welcome to Infusioncast. The only podcast that shows you the tricks of the trade and teaches you how to be an Infusionsoft expert. Join your host Joshua Millage as he sits down with Infusionsoft pros to hear their stories and experiences making Infusionsoft work for them. Ready? Here’s Joshua.
Joshua: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Infusioncast. The only podcast that teaches you how to be an Infusionsoft expert. I’m excited because today, I’m interviewing Dobbin Buck. The vice president of business development at GetUWired. Dobbin, welcome to the show.
Dobbin: Hey, thanks for having me. I’m very excited to be on, Joshua.
Joshua: Well, I’m excited to have and we had such an amazing conversation, a pre-chat phone call really. I’m excited about all the value that we can provide to the Infusionsoft community today. Before we get into things, I’m really curious. Can you give me the back story really on you and how you’ve gotten involved with GetUWired and really GetUWired started?
Dobbin: Sure. Interesting story. GetUWired was founded by Lee Goff 12 years ago. What had happened was, Lee was doing IT projects for a large corporation. A developer really didn’t treat them very well and took a lot of money from them, held them hostage, required more money to complete a project. Really gave him a dissatisfactory experience and he was helpless. Ultimately, he had to just keep hemorrhaging money and hemorrhaging money until they got through with the project. Then, fired that developer. Then he got the thinking about that and he was like, “Gosh. I must not be the only person around that’s having this experience. I could put something together or I could provide small businesses a real, authentic service that is enough to get them that’s designed to help them succeed. Ultimately is designed not to rip them off and not to hold them hostage with propriety hosting and other things like that.”
His wife was a programmer and he hired a young designer and they basically started GetUWired in a bedroom upstairs in Lee’s house. It was his wife programming. Lee was the business guy and sales guy. Then he had his designer that work alongside his wife. They started developing a website, it’s primarily for small businesses. That started going really well and he got a few clients. Then he got an office down town in our Town Square. We were located in North Georgia where an hour north of Atlanta. We’re in a very rural community. We’re in the foot hills of the Appalachian mountains. Our town is called Dahlonega Georgia and it’s the side of the first American gold rush.
It’s really quaint, all the buildings are from the late 1800’s. It’s a really cool place. He got a little office down in the Town Square. Then started doing more and more business. What ultimately happened when you start getting a little successful in business is you start adding another person and another person. Real early on, I had moved into this area and my wife and I decided we wanted to leave our jobs in Atlanta, in the big city and move up to the country. We packed our bags and headed up and decided that the hand of faith would be kind to us. We just came to Dahlonega and she immediately got a job. I proceeded to prospect for gold with this old guy.
I was out on a dredge, in a rivers, a scuba gear, dredging for gold everyday. I wasn’t making any money but I was having a lot of fun. Eventually, my wife said, “You know, it’s time that you get back and start earning some money and stop having fun.” An employee of my wife was Lee Goff’s sister. She said, “Hey, my brother need some help over with his website company.” I had a lot of experience with marketing and developing back the day multimedia and different things. I wasn’t too far off base with what Lee was doing. I was by no means, a website expert at the time. I put together a resume and went over and saw him. He and I hit it off pretty well.
We started building and doing more expensive websites and different things like that. The company proceeded to grow and more and more people, more developers, more designers, staff, office staff, started to be at then. We’ve continued to grow from originally from three employees Lee started with. Now, we’re up to 41 employees. We’re still in Dahlonega but we’re few miles away from the Town Square in the old headquarters for bar and the log homes. Our office looks like a big, huge log home that this developer created as a styled home/office facility for building log homes and they moved on and we moved in. It’s a beautiful thing.
Joshua: That’s amazing. I’m curious. What did dredging for gold teach you about business? I’ve got to believe there’s some sort of overlaps by that. I’m a big fan of gold rush. Probably my favorite show. I’ve had these dreams about going to Alaska. As I’m sure a lot of people have. Is there anything that you’ve learned there that you’ve carried over into what you’re doing now?
Dobbin: One thing is that, I learned … Thanks to my wife was to keeping a close eye on my metrics. How much money I’m actually making for the amount of time that I’m putting into something. Because the thing about it was, I had a lot of cash in around this. It was fun putting on scuba gear and going down and with a big suction hose into a river and spending three hours at a time under the water and all of that. It was really fascinating. At the end of the day, the reward was solely experiential which has its values. Ultimately though for my family and for my lifestyle and everything. Eventually, I need to make some money.
It’s paying close attention to that. Now, if we want to work in the world of metaphors, someone from Infusionsoft and I wish I could remember who it was. It might have been Joseph Manna, told me that he had the idea that instead of a funnel that marketing automation is more like a slews. Slews in gold prospecting terms is where you’re pulling gravel and debris and sending it down the shoe that is letting lighter materials like rocks and sand flow through. The heavier materials like gold are settling in the nets and then the screens on the slews. Then at the end, ultimately, you’re going to pan out what’s left and you’re left with gold.
He attributed marketing automation to actually be more like a slews than a funnel. Because ultimately, what we want is we want the … That ultimately, we want people that are more in line with our products and our services to drop into the netting into … We want everybody else just to flow over and flow out the other end. I always found that to be pretty interesting. I think about that. I wish that I had said it first, I didn’t. I’m the guy that actually done the gold prospect.
Joshua: Yeah. I think it’s a great analogy and metaphor. Because when you think about it, the reason that a certain piece of gold or granularity of gold get stuck is because it met some conditions. Exactly what you said to your point is like, we want our customers to meet certain conditions so that we can speak to them a certain way. Market to them in a certain way that’s more personal and really skills the human touch. I would agree with Joseph if with that slews analogy, I never thought of it that way and I think the funnel craze is here definitely. There’s nothing wrong with that. Funnels are important but I think that we are so quick to copy and paste someone’s funnel.
That we don’t actually think about how we need to personalize it into more of a slews to capture value, more value. Shed the people that aren’t a good fit and let those wash over like you mentioned. I love that analogy. You jumped in from gold prospecting to GetUWired. I love that. I think that’s so interesting. My story follows a similar vein of going from manufacturing wooden snow skis into web development. It’s funny how life takes you down one path and then you wind up in another. It’s somehow all interconnected. I think that’s really important for entrepreneurs to know. Because we get so stuck on one thing and really my opic like, this is what matters. Then sometimes, you set back and you’re like, actually, that experience was …
What my father says, that was an expensive education over here but it was the education I needed to be successful over here. Having that kind of mindset that this is a journey, not just destination. Back to GetUWired, give me from a high level, some other thing, services that you provide to small businesses. Because I know man, I’ve heard just amazing feedback from people in the community about the services you provide. I just wanted everyone to know what you do, so that they can reach out and work with you if it’s a good fit.
Dobbin: Sure, absolutely. What we are is, we’re really a one-stop shop for lifecycle marketing. We do everything from traffic generation which could be AdWords and social media management or organic search engine optimization to website design and development. To all things Infusionsoft. From sales to training to basic campaign development. Advanced campaign development. Advanced API integrations. We’re doing a lot of membership sites. Primarily currently are platform, favorite platform is [Neberium 00:12:24] with [Mike Ahmedsho 00:12:26]. We really like him and work with him a lot. Under one roof, the tweaks in between all, whatever 41 of our employees currently. We have project managers, we have designers, we have copywriters.
We have I think 16 full-time engineer/developers. We have 6 full-time project managers that are also well steeped in strategy and technology, so that they can guide their clients. We really practically do everything here that our clients need. With the exception of, we get asked to do a video production and things like that which is certainly not our specialty. With anything to do with marketing or website platform development and all things Infusionsoft. Where we’ve been doing it for a long time and very successful at it and have a lot of fun doing it.
Joshua: That’s amazing. Without the different applications that your team and you have touched. What are some of the things that you think that Infusionsoft users need to be mindful? I think you actually gave us a nugget no pun intended with the know your metrics. I think that’s a really, really important one. What are some of the other things that you see that people just really aren’t doing?
Dobbin: I think it goes back to the beginning of really … It would be helpful if when people get into Infusionsoft niche to where they actually know what Infusionsoft is. Because what we wind up seeing, people come to us after having had Infusionsoft. Sometimes, they buy Infusionsoft from us. More often than not, the people that were working with have had Infusionsoft for 6 months, a year, 2 years, 3 years, who knows how long. Many times, they’re just utilizing a singular facet of it. Almost like they’re using Infusionsoft for something like MailChimp. They’re keeping their database in sending out a newsletter. Something like that. It’s really about understanding. First of all, starting at the CRM. What the capabilities of that CRM system are.
Really thinking through how you can most logically segment your list, your prospecting list. Your active client list. Your sphere of influence list. Whatever list you have in the system. Better detailing out who and what they are to where we can really manufacture and cater marketing that’s really more specific to them. Just starting at that database level of understanding how to structure information that helps us to better understand our clients and our prospects is vital. That’s even before going into the marketing automation aspect of it. Sales pipeline aspect of it. The eCommerce aspect of the system. Any of that is just like that core element of how you’re managing the database. I think it’s sorely overlooked. That’s really where I like to start.
Because if I have all that clean and I have data the way I can access it and I know how to pull and pick people apart in my own database for and my client’s databases. I can really start the works of magic. It’s like starting there and then ultimately getting in and really defining what aspects of their business. Sometimes, the thing about small business owners is, they don’t necessarily know. Let’s just say in the construct of lifecycle marketing what they need. They have their own ideas about, “Oh, I’d like to automate this.” Or, “Oh, I’d like to automate this.” I think what’s really helpful is the teams like GetUWired and there’s a lot of great teams out there. That can really say, “Okay. Well, that’s great. I appreciate your vision in what you’d like to get automated and here’s where I like to start. Here’s where we’ve seen this work extremely well.”
Because often, people think they have an issue in one area but their issue really isn’t in a singular area. Their issue is somewhere else. Ultimately, if we take the time before we start working for people and really understand them. Understand their business and unpack everything before we get rolling. Then we can really serve them well. I think a lot of it is about just having a guide and helpful individual that can really help you look at the big picture. Walk through it. Tell the story. Then go back and decide what really needs to be worked on. Make sense?
Joshua: Makes complete sense. I love that you’re bringing that up. Because this really helps people avoid the shiny new tools syndrome that I see so often. That they see a certain thing. Let’s just say, Facebook ads. It’s like that has to be the thing that they do that gets to their, gets them to the next level. It’s like, maybe the reason that you’re not having success with your website isn’t the fact that you’re using Facebook ads. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s conversion optimization. Actually, maybe your customers would be more apt to connecting with just really good content marketing. I think you and your team and all the things that you offer and the experience. You have a bird’s eye view of all the different recipes and things that can connect together to give people success.
I think that’s really important. I love the idea of the being a guy because discovering and being intentional in the front end of a project with a client. Really understanding their vision and what the function of their business is, is absolutely crucial just to having success with Infusionsoft. I’ve always said that Infusionsoft, it’s an amazing power tool and once you start to use it, it actually for- … It’s like a mirror, like it forces you to look at yourself and what you’re doing internally in your process. You have to … It’s like, I don’t know. I’ve called it business therapy. Like it’s implementing into my own business. I’ve seen ways to improve. Just because I have to think in a systematic way.
Like you said, I couldn’t agree more. I think building the foundation is crucial. How are we going to organize information. What information is meaningful to us. A lot of people gather information for information sake and I don’t, I’m sure. We’ve hope in this types of apps where it’s like … There’s so many tags that are meaningless. There’s so many things that are, there’s no reason for them but they were just told to do something, so they’re doing it. There’s no connection point on the why it matters to their business. When I was talking to Paul, was it Paul Sokol. Someone over in the Infusionsoft actual, the actual company. They said, “You know, one of the things that drives us nuts is when people say you’re only using 10% of the Infusionsoft power. He said, because sometimes, 10% is what that business needs to be really successful.
Like they don’t need everything in conjunction. They just need the right things in conjunction. I think spending the time to really find out what those right things are and then build systems around them is absolutely crucial and important. One of the things too is I think that I’d love to hear your thoughts on is just messaging. I know that we both have an interest in copy and NOP and all this different things that are more qualitative. They do apply to what we build in Infusionsoft. Let’s shift gears there because it goes into a question about success that I would like to ask. Words are powerful, do you agree?
Dobbin: 100%.
Joshua: Tell me a little about your study around language and how it’s changed your life in business. Because I think people don’t think about this very often. They’re just, they’re so focused on the campaign. They don’t think about the words in the campaign.
Dobbin: That’s the whole secret if there is such a thing as a secret to all this. It’s not about having an automated sales funnel or having a new customer route campaign. Or having a referral program or having a website or anything. It’s not that those technical properties or technical achievements. It’s what goes inside them that makes it work. It used to be, an automated 6-7 years ago. Oh, automated sales funnel. A direct campaign. That was really novel or even further back from then. The thing about it is, it’s the message. What we want to always do is to communicate to … Just the example of I’m communicating on the phone or I’m person to person. Or through automated sales funnelist or through marketing automation or whatever.
Ultimately, I always want to be sticking to the audience, through their point of view. I always want to be very considerate of their time and ultimately, what value I’m projecting. Each time I’m touching a person, there needs to be some value that I am passing on with them. No matter what it is in a singular email, in the video, in this conversation. Here, I’m hoping that there’s some value. You can I communicate it together that’s being passed on. It’s a state of mind that has to be experienced in everything that we do in automation. One of the things that’s really crucial in working with clients or a person that’s developing their own stuff at Infusionsoft.
Is really coming to terms with what the audience wants and reacting to that and doing that on all fronts on every touch. If you can do that, all the trickery that people use in automation. It sees as to be so important. All the little tactics and everything like that. We all know how to do it but ultimately, if you can create really rich content that provides value. The thing that happens to interested parties is that they become reliant on that content. They have to have more. It’s just like, you and I are both readers. What happens when you find a new author and you’ve read through a book and it’s captivated you from cover to cover and you get to the end of the book?
Joshua: I want to read every single thing that author did.
Dobbin: Right. There’s a sense of sadness and loss.
Joshua: Yeah.
Dobbin: In that book and you want to fill it. The same thing as with content, in marketing content is that we really want to be authentic. We want to provide value. We want to get the reliant on our content. Ultimately, if we do that, then we can guide them in a helpful way to the tools that they need to purchase from us. Whether it’s services or products. We’ve earned it. It’s real. It’s not like here, up sell, down sell, cross sell. Trip wire this, dah, dah, dah. Jumping them through the hoops. Pushing them into something. It’s about being real and authentic and caring about them and having them feel that they’re being heard and they’re cared about through. It’s something as almost in human as an automated sales funnel. It’s not where we’re talking to one another but they can have that same feeling and that same experience.
Joshua: That intentionality is just absolutely the utmost important. That’s cool because we’re using a tool that allows for that connection to happen if we want it to. If we want to think about things at that level. I always ramp interviews up with this question and I’m really curious given our conversations. Do you have a success, maybe tip or ritual or thing that you do. Maybe it’s on a weekly or daily basis to really get in peak state and ready to take on your day. You’ve clearly gone from, you’ve got a very successful few years here and I love the fact. I had no idea you’re gold mining I should say to what you’re doing now. I’m imagining like your mental state, you’ve gone through some phases there. What have you learned and what can you share with the audience?
Dobbin: As far as our company is concerned and we’re a small business just like everybody else that uses Infusionsoft. Is really about about aligning myself with team members within my ecosystem in GetUWired. GetUWired is they’ll top of a leadership team. Lee Goof is the founder. Melissa Allen is the CEO of our company. Bobby Brown is the senior developer and engineer and I’m the vice president of business development. The four of us run the company. One of the things that we’re always doing is we’re always meeting. We’re always trying to figure out what the next steps are. We went to Infusionsoft’s elite forum to help re-design the way that we do business here.
It’s really about starting my day within my own team of people that I personally work with here. My own team that surrounds me. Then, connecting with the other leadership team members on a regular basis. Having open lines of communication and we really work well together. When I go into, you know how you can … I’ve been out of … Like you, I’ve been traveling through the last week. It’s very hectic when you come back into an office from being out for a week. Because I’ve aligned myself with top producers and people that care about me and care about the business. When I come back in from being gone for a week, I don’t have all those fears and all that craziness because we all work really tighten together.
That’s a huge part of my mindset. Is that I can trust the people that surround me. It helps me guide into the day. As far as resetting myself, I do it probably 10, 15 times a day. Before every conversation, I give myself a few minutes to breathe, sort of get myself centered before I’m communicating with people. To make sure that I’m not bringing something from one conversation into another. That I’m relaxed and I’m getting them the utmost of my time.
Joshua: I love that. It’s a beautiful tip. Thank you for sharing that. Dobbin, what is the best way for someone to get a hold of you and/or your company if they’re interested in using your services.
Dobbin: We have a website. It’s at and that’s spelled Then likewise, my email address is I invite people to reach out to me and share with me what they have going on. I’ll be happy to respond and communicate and see how we can be of service.
Joshua: Right on. Well, I’ll put all of this and more at the show notes at Dobbin, thank you so much for coming on the show.
Dobbin: Thank you. It’s been a privilege and anytime, Joshua.
Joshua: Right on.
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