Dave Lee: PlusThis Adds Life to Your Business

In today’s Infusioncast interview, Joshua Millage talks with Dave Lee about PlusThis SaaS software for Infusionsoft, which lets you manage live events, workshops, and other situations where you need to sign in attendees quickly and accurately.

PlusThis solves real-world problems with registration and tracking, video and images, SMS and email messaging, split testing and more. It adds even more features to Infusionsoft and extends those capabilities even further.

Dave tells how one new feature has its roots in mixed martial arts. He knew dojo and gym owners needed a solution to track participants during classes and events. PlusThis developed Easy Check-In to handle large traffic and conversion challenges by tagging registrants, so you know their status when they check in at the event. You also get one-click, on-the-spot upsell capability. For classes or training sessions as well, members are assigned a QR code badge they can scan when they arrive. You can customize for single or multiple classes and check status for special services or payments required.

Dave reveals a new PlusThis tool called Countdown Timer that combines their Smart Links and What’s The Date apps into a single, powerful solution for time-bound and gated content. Customers who try a free introductory product are likely to buy it, but when given a time limit on access or special pricing, they are even more motivated to purchase. The conversion rate is dramatic – up to 80% buy-in for a limited offer. With Countdown Timer, the ability to increase perceived value through scarcity is even easier to implement.

PicSnippets is a revolutionary new feature that allows you to personalize marketing by modifying images. For example, you can embed a customer’s name into an image by defining an area on the image to insert data taken from a specified field in their contact record. This allows you to personalize images for an automated marketing campaign. You can also use it for web pages.

Dave has co-authored a book with Steve Forbes called Successonomics about using technology to expand your business and branding. Technology allows you to systematize every aspect of your operations for greater success and increase conversions through user personalization.

One of the deepest lessons Dave has learned is how people are constantly working, plugged into their devices, and missing out on many enriching aspects of their lives. This realization has made him that much more committed to helping people streamline their businesses, so they can spend less time working and more time doing things they love.

PlusThis gives you the tools to connect with your customers in meaningful ways, and Dave Lee practices what he preaches by taking action to realize his amazing ideas.

Thank you for joining us.

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Dave Lee

You can connect with Dave and learn more about PlusThis at PlusThis.com, by email at dave@plusthis.com, and on Facebook.

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