Dan Faggella: How to Become a Segmentation Ninja

How to Become a Segmentation Ninja

There is no doubt that the more data you can gather from your prospects the better you can market to them. A front end survey is a way of gathering information from your prospect at the beginning of the sales process. This allows you to speak to them more specifically as they proceed in your funnel.

What I love about today’s interview is that Dan used our product, LifterLMS, as an example and shows me how I can use front end surveys to better segment my list.

He also gives some incredible tips on how to be more productive and successful (he even reads a poem toward the end of the interview).

You don’t want to miss this incredible interview with Dan!

About Dan Faggella


CLVboost founder & CEO Dan Faggella is a marketing automation specialist focused on helping small businesses achieve greater customer lifetime value (CLV) — the profit attributed to an ongoing relationship with a customer and a measure of the health of the company/customer relationship. When CLVboost is working with an eCommerce company, the goal is to help them improve purchases; for a consultancy, the goal might be to increase the number of appointments; for an app provider, it might be to increase engagement levels. CLVboost’s objective is to increase for its clients the bottom line value of each business lead and customer.

Dan has been featured in media outlets like Mixergy and Growth Hacker TV, among others. In addition, he has spoken at number of marketing and start-up conferences.

Dan has extensive experience as a martial arts expert. He founded and led Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts, a professional martial arts facility that offered Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, fitness, women’s and kid’s programs. As the only such academy in southern Rhode Island, Dan’s staff consisted of top-level competitors and passionate instructors eager to help people of all fitness levels master new skills, get in great shape, and have fun. Dan applies the discipline he mastered as a martial artist to the work he does as marketing automation consultant, ensuring that his customers are maximizing the full potential of their customer relationships.

In addition to achieving the level of National Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, Dan is an academic scholar, having earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, his books, “The Unexpected Champion: Training Strategies to Turn the Underdog Fighter into an Unstoppable Fighter” and “Explorations into the Philosophy of Transhumanism – A Lens to the Future Through the Thinkers of the Past” can found on Amazon.

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