Dave Lee: PlusThis Adds Life to Your Business

In today’s Infusioncast interview, Joshua Millage talks with Dave Lee about PlusThis SaaS software for Infusionsoft, which lets you manage live events, workshops, and other situations where you need to sign in attendees quickly and accurately.

PlusThis solves real-world problems with registration and tracking, video and images, SMS and email messaging, split testing and more. It adds even more features to Infusionsoft and extends those capabilities even further.

Dave tells how one new feature has its roots in mixed martial arts. He knew dojo and gym owners needed a solution to track participants during classes and events. PlusThis developed Easy Check-In to handle large traffic and conversion challenges by tagging registrants, so you know their status when they check in at the event. You also get one-click, on-the-spot upsell capability. For classes or training sessions as well, members are assigned a QR code badge they can scan when they arrive. You can customize for single or multiple classes and check status for special services or payments required.

Dave reveals a new PlusThis tool called Countdown Timer that combines their Smart Links and What’s The Date apps into a single,

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Clate Mask: Co-founder and CEO of Infusionsoft

In this Infusioncast interview, Joshua Millage is privileged to speak with Clate Mask, co-founder and CEO of Infusionsoft, about how the company started, the values that form its foundation, advice for business owners, and Infusionsoft’s future.

Clate and his partners came together in 2002 to form a small custom software business to do what they were good at, serve their customers and make a living on their own terms. They weren’t thinking about achieving radical success, but their core values and drive for excellence have resulted in Infusionsoft’s eminence.

The key turning point was their introduction of automation for sales and marketing. They saw a universal problem, and their solution was revolutionary. Applying this solution to their own business triggered an upward momentum that continues today. But getting that first customer was a battle.

After months of spinning his wheels, under pressure Clate finally sought help. First he dialed in his diminished health and fitness. Then he learned to truly sell his passionate belief in the value his company could provide, and sales took off.

One of Infusionsoft’s enduring values is a desire for their clients to succeed. From the start they wanted to build a long-term business.

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Dobbin Buck: Prospecting for Golden Clients with GetUWired

Appalachia is the home of GetUWired, a full-service provider for lifecycle internet marketing and web development. In today’s Infusioncast, Joshua Millage talks with Dobbin Buck, vice president of business development at GetUWired, about personalizing marketing content, tailoring Infusionsoft to your business, and prospecting for gold.

GetUWired was founded by Lee Goff after a bad experience with an unscrupulous IT developer. He set out to help small businesses succeed by delivering quality web development services based on ethical business practices. In 12 years GetUWired has grown from 3 people to 41 professional employees.

Dobbin Buck came on board after he and his wife left big-city Atlanta for Georgia’s rural Dahlonega. She found work immediately while Dobbin found himself prospecting for gold with an old miner. It was fun work, but it didn’t pay, and he needed to start earning money again. He was referred to Lee Goff, who hired him for his sales and marketing experience.

Prospecting for gold gave Dobbin a unique perspective on business. He learned to evaluate the metrics of profit and income vs. time and effort in that his gold prospecting stint was rewarding, but did not generate income.

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Paul Sokol: How to Build a Business Building Machine

It’s not everyday that you get to jump in and dig deep with a Infusionsoft expert that works at Infusionsoft HQ. Today I received a special access to Paul Sokol and we dive deep into his personal application and how he uses it to deliver demos for his band Elivagar.

Connect with Paul:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/voyicks

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/voyicks

Prefer a Transcript:

[transcript height=”200px”]

Joshua: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Infusioncast. Today is a jam packed video walk through of my buddy Paul Sokol’s Infusionsoft app and how he sets up for his metal group. I think you’re really going to enjoy it. It’s a pretty interesting how he delivers a demo and that sort of thing. I know a lot of you, you’re probably driving in your car on on a sub way or something like that and can’t watch this. I totally get it. It is really, really worth your time. If you text the word madscientist to 33444.

I’m going to send you a link directly to this interview where you can watch it and download it and that sort of thing.

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Wade Foster: How Zapier Makes You a Happier Infusionsoft User

A conventional job in a small midwest town quickly proved to be unsatisfying for Wade Foster, co-founder and CEO of Zapier. In this Infusioncast interview, Joshua Millage talks with Wade about how Zapier can make you happier and help you get even more power from Infusionsoft.

API groundwork is frustrating work at best. Nobody really wants to do it, but it has to be done. Wade and co-founder Bryan Helmig were freelancing together, blending their marketing and engineering skills to help small business owners integrate their web applications, when they had the idea for Zapier. Why not build an app to handle this tedious data integration work for them?

With what they had observed working closely with clients and learning their business needs, Wade and Bryan created Zapier as an out-of-the-box solution that small businesses can use to seamlessly integrate Infusionsoft with other core business applications such as Quickbooks. Their tool efficiently allows small business owners to resolve everyday integration problems themselves.

Zapier makes it easier for you to get more out of the applications you use in your daily business operations, helping you handle a wide variety of event-driven integrations.

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